One O One Counseling


  • How badly do you want to to overcome the unwanted pattern of S.A.D (Stress, Anxiety, Depression), frustration, fear, phobia, anger, guilt?
  • Why do you want to have complete control over your bad habits and unwanted emotion like self sabotage, procrastination, negative self talk, laziness, anger, frustration and guilt?
  • How many time have you tried alone to overcome your unwanted behavior’s by using old traditional methods of deep breathing but they caught you back?

All About One-O-One Counselling

  • An NLP one-to-one counseling is a systemic understanding of the conscious mind and subconscious mind.
  • How does it receive and process the information from the environment?
  • How does your mind react to the information?
  • How do your past painful memories create stress, anxiety, depression, unwanted behavior, and many other diseases in your body?
  • How you can cure any disease and get rid of unwanted behaviors?
  • How to remove subconscious imprints of Failure, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Painful Memories?
  • How to install Subconscious Reimprints of Confidence, Happiness, Wellness & be more positive in life?
  • How to manifest your Dreams into Reality.
  • Get Stress-free Mind & Disease-free Body.

This counseling is an open source for you to interact freely about your mental and emotional challenges and get the solutions for them. This NLP counseling is basically for all the stressed and depressed people who are in a confused state of mind, bearing the pain of fear and Anxiety.

Stress, Anxiety & Depression can attack at any stage of life. Don’t feel shy to disclose your mental & Emotional issues. Whether you are a doctor or nurse, teacher or student, an employer or an employee or a housewife, police or Army, or If you are a normal human of this universe this is for you. This NLP counseling is the ultimate solution guide to all your difficulties.


This counselling consists of 3 level mastery stages where you will connect to our mentor and coach Mr. Amit Chaturvedi for the interactive session, motivational talks, personality development, and much more.

In the practical learning program, Mind Guru Amit will undoubtedly wipe out all your old negative beliefs, painful memories of your past which are causing depression, anxiety, and stress, and surely guide you in the process of self-healing and growth. So now let’s go through the 3 stages of this counselling session which are as follows.

Intellectual Mastery

It is the beginning of your NLP program, where you will be asked to dive deeper into your thought process and understand that how your action, behavior, and words are controlled by your thought process.

Emotional Mastery

It sometimes becomes difficult to control our emotions which often leads us to an awkward situation or trouble. Through emotional mastery, you will be able to understand how to cope up with your emotions and show them to the right person at the right time.

Physical Mastery

Physical mastery gives power to your thought process, your ideas, and planning, an action potential to your neurons that leads you to execute your ideas and achieve the success which you deserve.

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