XLNT MINDS presents a 15-Day NLP WORKSHOP with MIND GURU AMIT to Overcome, Overthinking, and Many Other Psychosomatic or Emotional Challenges.

Neuro – Thoughts that are there in your mind.
Linguistic – Language (verbal or nonverbal) Words & Communication
Programming – Behaviour, Patterns, Habits

NLP is the science of mastering all 3 (Intellectual, Emotional, and Physical) & applying them in day-to-day life to improve all aspects of life – HEALTH, WEALTH, RELATIONSHIPS, PEACE OF MIND, and GROWTH in Business/ Job/ Career.

Changes you are going to feel after completion of the workshop.

DECISION MAKING – You will be able to make the right decision at the right time.

CONFLICT RESOLUTION with self and others – you will be able to use the principle of Love Languages to improve personal & professional relationships

SLIGHT EDGE PRINCIPLE – for overcoming laziness and self-motivation technique to start taking action NOW

GOLDEN CIRCLE PRINCIPLE – on how to use time & energy efficiently for business & personal growth

Efficient use of TIME & ENERGY – increase productivity & attract success by learning to use time & energy efficiently

PARETO PRINCIPLE – for Time Management & improving sale figures, improving profits & minimizing losses

CONNECTION OF FOOD WITH MIND, BODY & SOUL – revitalizing our mind, body & soul with food therapy


Start Date – 26th September
Duration – 15 Days (Mon to Fri)
Venue – WhatsApp & Zoom
Lifetime access to the full course on your email, So no scope of data loss.
Medium – personally recorded lectures, summary notes, practical assignments, doubt addressal facility
Languages – English & Hindi
Certificate of completion to be awarded
Fee – Rs.999/- (WITH 100% MONEYBACK GUARANTEE)*T&C apply

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