Burari Deaths (11 mass suicide) was due to sick mental health.


Mental health is as important as physical health. You are the result of mental health. You take decision according to your state of mind . If you are in resourceful state you take positive dicision and action and if you are in unresourceful state you take negative decision and action.

Do you remember The Burari deaths (??????? ????), refer to the deaths of eleven family members of the Chundawat family known as Bhatia family from Burari, Delhi, India, in 2018. Ten people were found hanged, while the oldest family member, the grandmother, was strangled. The bodies were found on 1 July 2018 early   morning . The police  ruled the deaths as mass suicide, motivated by the youngest son Lalit.

Here one person of the family Lailit was suffering with “shared delusional disorder” after his father’s death. He convinced every member of the family that  he was possessed by his father’s soul  who advised him the ways to attain a good life. Since 2007 he had been maintaining a diary on his father’s “instructions”. Later he told his family that father told him to perform KRIYA together to be saved from an upcoming doom. The entry read: “Antim samay mein, aakhri ichha ki purti ke waqt, aasman hilega dharti kaanpegi, us waqt tum ghabrana mat, mantra ka jaap badha dena, mein aakar utar loonga aur ko bhi utarne mein madad karunga (in your last hours, while your last wish is fulfilled, the sky will open up and the earth will shake, don’t panic but start chanting the mantra louder. I will come to save you and others).” Lalit Bhatia allegedly told the family that he received this message from his father. The family was very superstitious and apparently believed that the end of the world was coming.

The meaning of your communication is the response you get.

I remember a story of a rich father and son.

Once a rich boy had  a turtle as a pet. One day the turtle was sleeping and took all of its limbs and head inside the cover. The boy wanted to play with the turtle, but it was not responding. He thought it to be dead and started crying. He took the turtle to his father and showed him.His father promised him to buy another turtle  but the boy didn’t stop crying. Then the rich father told him not to worry as he would organise a grand funeral for the turtle. He told the boy to prepare a funeral speech and to wear  new dress .He told him to call for all their relatives and with all pomp and show  the turtle would be taken to funeral ground. When the father and the son were planning for the funeral, Suddenly turtle woke up and started crawling on the  floor. Now the boy looked up in his father’s eyes and asked whether he could  kill that turtle.

Because boy was totally convinced with his father. In the same manner bhatia family was convinced by Lalit the youngest son of bhatia family.

I know many people how is facing some mental or emotional issues but the family members are not serious about them, they think that the person is don’t want to take any responsibility and they don’t want to do any work. You know people also love their miseries. They enjoy their current state of mind. Infact their mind enjoy it because you are driven by your mind. Your mind always sick for pleasure and move away from pains.