Your Mind can be Reprogrammed for “What you Want”

Your Mind Can be Reprogrammed


Everybody knows that computers work as our mind works Or you may say vice-versa. As you have RAM and ROM in computer, same as our Brain (hardware) has two different working software Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind or Metaconscios Mind.

Your Brain is hardware whereas your Conscious Mind works as RAM, to run the day-to-day activities and applications in the system. whereas your Subconscious/Metaconscios Mind and ROM work as a storage device.

All your Good or Bad, Happy or Sad memories are stored in your Subconscious mind.

Many times you see that, Some viruses automatically get downloaded in your system via Pendrive or the infected site or by spam and affect the system performance. The same way the events which are happening around you and how it is perceived by your mind is responsible for the programming of your Mind for Pain and Gain or Sucess and Failure. Because “Your Perception is Always Reality for You.”

When these memories come into your mind, Some memories give you Happyness and Joy and some make you SAD (Stress Anxiety Depression).

  • You can get rid of SAD by Reprogramming your mind for What you Want
  • You can leave a confident and happy life by depressing your depression by Reprogramming your mind for joy and happiness.
  • Even you can Reprogramme your Mind for abundant wealth and harmonious relationships.

Always remember you have three types of memories.

  1. Visual memories: Where you remember an event in the form of visuals like remember the face of your father, mother, children. Suddenly you see a picture in the back of your mind.
  2. Auditory memories: Here some memories are in the form of audio. if I tell you remember how your wife or boss calls you when they are in a good mood and bad mood. Suddenly you remember a similar sound in the back of your mind.
  3. Kinesthetic memories: which are in your muscles in the form of feelings or as your muscle memory, like you remember swimming or cycling you can do both the work If you have not done it since a long time, or remember the feeling of cold and hot, hard and soft.

You have a picture on the desktop of your computer which makes you feel sad and when you delete the image, and now you will not be able to see that image. Now your emotion will not be hurt but the image is still in the system’s recycle bin. When you empty your recycle bin that image will not be there in the system and now you cannot see the same image again.

The same way you and your habits, your behavior, the life you are leaving are the results of programming done by unluckily and unknowingly by parents, society, relatives, bad experiences of past, failure, loss of nearest and dearest and loved one, guilt, childhood trauma.

When these types of memories get deleted and distorted from Subconscious Mind by NLP Subconscious Reprogramming and practiced along with you many time. You will achieve in life What you Want.

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